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Sep 09

SpamHero Offers Free Spam Filtering For A Year

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Internet domain owners get extended ‘test drive’ on new service

Henderson, Nevada – Sept. 15, 2009 – Curtis and Jeremy O’Reilly, brothers and long-time veterans in the web-hosting sector, are celebrating the release of SpamHero, a “hosted spam filter” for domain owners, by giving away a free year of service to all customers who sign up by Oct. 15.

SpamHero boasts enterprise level features, including a powerful interface for viewing “quarantined” spam, and superior spam filtering over traditional anti-spam solutions.  Even at the regular price of just $4.95 per month for domain-wide spam filtering, with no limit on the number of email accounts, the service is a fraction of what other solutions cost.

“At first, we were a little concerned some people might be scared off by the low cost,” said Jeremy O’Reilly, “but with SpamHero’s no-risk free year of service, we’re giving customers plenty of time to see how effective and accurate our filter really is.”

According to a recent report by Microsoft, spam now accounts for more than 97% of email that is sent. Another report on iTWire said spam volume records set last summer were broken again in 2009.

“Combine these factors with the ever-increasing need for businesses to cut costs and boost productivity, the timing of SpamHero’s arrival on the scene couldn’t be better,” Curtis O’Reilly noted.

But what makes SpamHero different is not just the low cost.  SpamHero is powered by a “team of human spam-fighting technicians who are updating the filter rules several times a day.  Over 2 million rules have been compiled so far,” Curtis O’Reilly explained.   “This also ensures that real email does not get blocked by ‘robotic’ algorithms that can sometimes mistake real email for spam.”

Jeremy O’Reilly added: “And, since SpamHero is a hosted solution, it requires no new hardware or software installed at a client’s location.”

Upon subscribing, SpamHero customers update their domain’s “MX record,” which then re-routes all email for the domain through SpamHero’s servers where it is cleaned of spam before arriving at the customer’s mail server.

“The change is so simple to implement and email is free from 99% of spam within 5 minutes,” said Curtis O’Reilly.

“Spammers continue to find innovative ways to get around traditional anti-spam techniques.  If your business isn’t protected by a filtering solution that is actively monitored and improved, prepare to be buried in spam,” Curtis O’Reilly warned.

Curtis and Jeremy O’Reilly decided to develop SpamHero after 13 years in the web hosting industry and witnessing first hand the frustrations that business owners have over the cost of fighting spam, and the lackluster performance of existing solutions.


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