April, 2021

Apr 21

Reselling SpamHero has never been better

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SpamHero’s success is largely due to the substantial base of resellers we’ve gained over the years. Resellers enjoy a wealth of features for a fraction of the normal cost, so that they can in turn charge their customers whatever they feel is right.

One of the most important aspects of reselling a service is brandability — selling all the features SpamHero provides, but keeping all the features under your own brand name. As such, SpamHero offers a customizable “white label” control panel, so that you can resell our spam filtering under your own brand.

In the early days of SpamHero, the “white label” control panel was kept simple, a “lite” version of the more feature-rich SpamHero control panel. However, in recent years we have consolidated the control panel code bases so that the white label control panel has all the features that the SpamHero control panel has — minus the “SpamHero” name. If you prefer to keep things simple for your clients, the features available in your white label control panel can be customized as well.

This means that your clients can log in to a modern, intuitive control panel, branded just for your company… within minutes of setting up your reseller account. 

Are you new to SpamHero?

If you are an MSP (Managed Service Provider) or similar company looking for a spam solution for your customers, take a look at our reseller program today. Not only is the setup process quick and easy, it’s also risk-free, as we offer 30 day trials for all new subscriptions. We don’t even require payment information for you to set up your own white label control panel for your customers, so you can get the service completely set up and ensure that it’s working before you pay anything.

SpamHero is an excellent solution for:

– Spam Filtering.  Unlike other spam filtering systems that rely on fancy algorithms that spammers can easily defeat, SpamHero’s rule based system features million of rules that are constantly updated and maintained by both humans and robots 24/7.

– Outbound email delivery. We deliver mail for a large number of domains, and have built up positive reputations with mail servers around the world.

– MX backup. Prepare effortlessly against mail server downtime with our distributed cloud system. Even if your mail server goes down, you won’t lose any email, and we’ll deliver it once your mail server is back up.

– Limited Email Archive (past 30 days). Did your client accidentally delete an important email? Your client will be able to log in to the white label control panel, and redeliver any message.

– Check out our features page for a full list of features. And remember, as a reseller, you’ll be paying much less per domain than what you see on this page.

Are you an existing reseller?

If you have yet to migrate over to the new, modern white label control panel, you can do so by logging in and going to Reseller > Control Panel Upgrade. If you don’t see the option, that means that you joined SpamHero after the white label control panel was upgraded, and you’re already using the upgraded version.


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