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Oct 23

Impersonation protection to the rescue!

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In the ever-evolving digital age, protecting your email communications from malicious attacks has never been more crucial. Impersonation protection is a new robust security layer from SpamHero designed to safeguard you from spoofed emails. These deceptive emails masquerade as coming from your own domain or other trustworthy senders, potentially leading to phishing attacks, data breaches, or financial scams.

How does Impersonation protection work?

Impersonation protection can be enabled for your own domain or any number of trusted senders that you correspond with. When enabled, messages claiming to come from a sender will only be delivered if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • The SPF verified domain of the Return-path sender matches the From sender’s domain.
  • The message has a valid DKIM signature and the signing domain matches the From sender’s domain.
  • The message is coming from a source that you have previously approved as a valid source for the sender’s domain.

Enable Impersonation protection with SpamHero today

Enabling Impersonation protection with SpamHero is just a few clicks away. Learn more at:


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