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The Community Suggestion Box button is located on the right side of the SpamHero control panel.

A little over a year ago we launched one of our favorite features, our Community Suggestion Box.  What’s great about this feature is that it allows us to organize the constant stream of feature requests coming in from our customers so that every suggestion is logged and prioritized.  Not only that, customers can vote on what features they think are most important so that the most popular features rise to the top of our development queue.   The system is weighted so that the more subscriptions you have on your account, the more your votes will count.  In other words, as the number of subscriptions you have on your increases, so does the number of points that get added to the crowd score of the features you vote on.   Over the course of the next several weeks, we’ll be reporting here on some of the features that have already been implemented and some of the features that we are working on.

Of course, our primary focus remains on providing amazingly accurate spam filtering.  Always at the top of our priority list is adding new filtering technologies that keep our catch rates high, but our false positives at near zero.  Over the course of the past few months, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in spam.  However, at the same time, our accuracy remains above 98%.  We have new filtering technologies in the works that should push us over 99% accuracy very soon.

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