Google Postini shutting down… Hello, SpamHero!

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So, a customer asked today why we haven’t blogged about Google’s announcement that they are shutting down Postini.  Well, I guess we’ve been too busy welcoming all the new customers and resellers that have resulted from that announcement to worry about it.  And, to be honest, we’re not sure how we feel about it.   We’ll miss the steady stream of customers that were flowing over from Postini for one reason or another.  Some of those coming from Postini told us it was lack of support, others say it was false positives, others say poor user interface, and still others were just unhappy with the amount of spam slipping through.  Of course, Google plans on just “upgrading” everyone to their Google Apps service and promises more instructions will follow.   That being the case, perhaps the steady stream of new customers coming from Google’s services will continue, as we’ve also seen an uptick in Google Apps customers signing up for SpamHero.  That’s right… even though spam filtering is supposed to be included with Google Apps, we are still getting Google Apps customers that sign up for SpamHero and having us filter their email before it gets to their Google Apps account.  To me, that really says something.  Perhaps it’s the increase in spam some people are reporting after switching to Google Apps?

Ok, I’m probably getting a little carried away here.  All I really wanted to do here is give a warm welcome to the Postini customers and resellers who have joined us recently.  We appreciate your support.  Be sure to check out our new Community Suggestion Box feature in your back office and help us shape the future of SpamHero!  We’re listening.

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  1. I agree with everything you have said. It is all true. I’m in the process of swinging multiple domains to SpamHero from Postini. I’d like to think that I stay of top of what is great on the web but SpamHero slipped by. Once I got the “Dear John” email from Postini/Google I woke up and started hunting and came across many positive comments and posts on SpiceWorks user blogs.

    Conversion has been easy and everything is working well. I’ve found a new home to filter my domain! Did I mention it is the most cost effective solution for domain level email protection.

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