Is Transparency a Super Power?

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I was talking to a potential customer the other day who admitted that before he called us, he was wondering if our company had died.  Why?  Because we had not posted anything on our blog recently.  Oops.

It was our intention to update this blog regularly, but as things got busy we forgot to make it a priority.  So, I am making a very late 2010 new year’s resolution to check in here at least once a month.  I’d like to say once per week, but we’ll see.  I’ve never been into blogging, and while I fire off dozens of emails every day, writing a blog entry is pretty intimidating to me because of the fact that whatever I say will get permanently indexed.  It’s feels like I’m writing in stone.  Oh well, based on how important it is for businesses to be as transparent as possible, I will try to get over this fear and just start posting.  If I get something wrong, I can always write a follow up article, right?

The other fear I have is that I’ll write something that will tip off our competition.   I know, I’m worrying way too much about this.  It’s not like the competition couldn’t learn anything they wanted about us by just signing up for an account with our service.  Besides, all our competition would need to do to find out what they need to work on would be to listen their own customers.   Right now most of our new customers are leaving competitors for our service.    These new customers are providing us with a lot of feedback about what they liked about the service they left and the things they didn’t like.  It is that feedback that is driving the continued development of our service.

In future posts, I will be writing about many of the existing features of our service, new features as they are released, and what features we are looking to add.    Right now, based on how little information we’ve posted on our site about all the great features of SpamHero, one might think invisibility was what we were looking to achieve here.   Although invisibility would be a pretty cool super power to have, it’s probably not the best business model.  Transparency sounds a little like invisibility, but comes closer to what we’re trying to achieve, so we’ll try to nurture that super power instead.    As always, I welcome your feedback.

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